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1605 Locust Street

Kathy Barnard creates custom designed art glass for both residential and commercial installations.

When designing a custom piece, she carefully considers the location, as well as the client's tastes.

Her careful attention to the physical details of design and construction ensures that these beautiful creations will be admired for generations.

After years of working with glass and learning how it behaves, I have mastered how it holds and reflects light, and I use this knowledge in my designs to vividly portray a color as no other substance can. My works range from delicate etched flower plates to glass panels making up the side of an entire building. I create sculptural carved art glass, deep carved windows and murals as well as stained glass windows. My designs include the human figure and geometric patterns, but my true love is nature and my research of plants and animals is exhibited repeatedly in my designs.

I approach my projects with intensity, determination and patience. In researching custom pieces, I carefully consider the site, the building;s architecture, and the personal tastes and needs of the client. Every detail is important to me, from the time and care spent considering a design to the hours it takes to properly create it. As the light strikes a piece of glass it magnifies and produces an illuminating effect. I want my pieces to have an inner life and create a sense of wonder in the viewer.

 I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I work hard at its creation. It is very rewarding to work with clients, come to know a space and create art pieces that will enhance them. I receive great pleasure in seeing an old building come back to life through renovation or in contributing to the creation of a new building. My greatest reward is seeing the client enjoy the finished piece.


Sandblasting, stained glass, kilnforming/fusing, sculpture, interior design, custom personal pieces and furniture, room dividers, and gallery pieces.