Together, we are an energetic organization of craftspeople, stewards, and aficionados sustaining the importance of art glass for the next generation of patrons and practitioners.

Your membership brings the history of glasswork to life. Our members’ expertise and passion preserve the integrity and narratives behind some of the oldest cultural works of our nation—our stained glass. Members enjoy not only subscription to the award-winning Stained Glass Quarterly, but also exclusive access to its historic archives dating back to 1906. It shines a spotlight on the incredible preservation and restoration projects happening around the country to save treasured masterworks from extinction.

Your membership also invigorates the future of art glass. It helps host forums and conferences where members network with like-minded glass fans to troubleshoot, collaborate, or share appreciation. It supports the crucial education, scholarship, and mentorship needed to pass centuries of skill and stewardship on to future generations who will be creating and caring for our glass.

We offer three levels of membership tailored to your specific involvement in the art of stained glass.


Accredited Seal

Accredited Professional Member

The Stained Glass Association of America is the only accrediting body that recognizes practitioners working at the highest level of this craft. Accredited Professional Membership is a testament to the proven skill, professionalism, knowledge, and dedication demonstrated by the craftspeople, studios, and suppliers accepted for membership into this juried category of art glass experts.

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Professional Seal

Professional Member

Ever since the first craft guilds were formed in the middle ages, those who practice in a given field have banded together for the good of their profession and for the good of their patrons. Our Professional Members are experienced craftspersons, artists, designers, and historians whose primary vocation is in the stained glass industry. 

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Affiliate Seal

Affiliate Member

Anyone can join the Stained Glass Association of America as an Affiliate Member and enjoy access to this thriving community and all the perks of membership. Membership includes a subscription to our award-winning magazine: Stained Glass Quarterly.

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