When it comes to architectural art glass installations, knowing a little bit about what exists in your space, how it came to be there, and how that fits into the larger history of North American glass can be helpful to you in planning for the care of your space. The care and maintenance of our nation’s sacred and civic buildings is crucial to our communities.

Stained glass, murals, frescoes, and other architectural art installations turn our buildings into living museums, our homes into places of peace and refuge. Public architecture is the inescapable environment of monumental stained glass. We must GO to see stained glass and for many, these installations form the familiar and comforting fabric of their everyday lives. Stained glass windows stand or fall by their proper or improper existence in buildings, both via the success of their overall installation and by the steadfast maintenance of their structure as they face the ravages of time.

The Stained Glass Association of America can assist stewards and caretakers in this monumental task – starting with providing basic information and educational resources.