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Across North America, stained glass has created a living museum, a breathing library, which we must work together to cherish and care for – the light is nourishment for our very souls the same way we need clean air to breathe and healthy food to eat. We now know thanks to numerous studies that access to natural light literally helps us be healthier and more productive, and additional beneficial neurological results are being shown year after year.

But the installation, maintenance and restoration of treasures like stained glass that improve our quality of life is something that may go multiple generations before attention is needed.

The Stained Glass Association of America partners with the public and stewards of architectural-scale art glass to care for the living museum of monumental work across America. Our work supports the preservation and restoration of our national art glass treasures while fostering the construction of new work for emerging artists.

We provide numerous resources for architects, public art advocates, stewards, institutions, sacred and public spaces, and insurance companies: everything from basic cleaning guidelines to complete technical guidance.

The SGAA Sourcebook is a digital resource to help you find a professional stained glass studio for any architectural art glass project. Our offices can connect you with terminology, definitions, or additional feedback and quotes on your project. We can assist with the creation and review of Calls for Bid, or distribute your call to qualified studios.