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Year Convention City Article
2022 Toledo, OH Summary from Summer 2022 SGQ
2019 San Antonio, TX Summary from Summer 2019 SGQ (plus Helen Whittaker's talk, the Manufacturer's Forum, & more)
2018 Long Beach, CA Summary from Summer 2018 SGQ
2017 Raleigh, NC Summary from Fall 2017 SGQ
2016 Evanston, IL Summary from Summer 2016 SGQ
2015 Portland, OR Summary from Fall 2015 SGQ


Convention Location History 1903 – 1939

Between 1903 and 1939, we missed a handful of conferences in the 1930's. In an article published 81 years ago in the Winter 1936-37 issue of Stained Glass: A Quarterly Devoted to the Craft of Painted and Stained Glass, a plea went out to our membership:

“How could the glassman educate his public? How could he help buyers and their advisors the architects to gain a genuine working knowledge of the craft? How could real values be made to replace the accidental and the whimsical in designs and prices together? Such questions were certainly among the influences that led to the founding of the Association that eventually became the Stained Glass Association of America.

"They are live questions now and first among them is still the consideration of good will and the understanding that follows friendly association. So we come naturally to an issue we have long avoided. When shall we have the long postponed national convention in Boston? It has been put off from year to year in response to sentiments implied and expressed by many of our members. So its consideration should also be left to those same members.

"A call for a convention that could be a simple and inexpensive meeting together once more would enhearten [sic] and encourage both officers and members. Who can get along as he should in any Association without seeing the faces of his fellow members and without sharing ideas and convictions, man to man, upon reasonably frequent occasions?”

Year Convention City President
1903 Columbus, OH Joseph E. Flanagan
1904 Pittsburgh, PA Joseph E. Flanagan
1905 Philadelphia, PA Joseph E. Flanagan
1906 Cincinnati, OH Joseph E. Flanagan
1907 Boston, MA Karl Steward
1908 St. Louis, MO Karl Steward
1909 Cleveland, OH E. W. Smith
1910 New York, NY W. G. Speier
1911 Pittsburgh, PA H. H. Jacoby
1912 St. Louis, MO H. H. Jacoby
1913 Columbus, OH Karl Steward
1914 Detroit, MI Charles Donaldson
1915 Toledo, OH Charles Donaldson
1916 Milwaukee, WI Frederick Lamb
1917 New York, NY Henry Hunt
1918 Chicago, IL Henry Hunt
1919 Buffalo, NY A. H.Rossbach
1920 Indianapolis, IN A. J. Schuler
1921 Toledo, OH D. H. Swinton
1922 Cincinnati, OH W. E. Ford
1923 Detroit, MI A. W. Klemme
1924 New York, NY George Mueller
1925 Pittsburgh, PA George Mueller
1926 Washington, DC Henry Hunt
1927 St. Louis, MO Fred Oppliger
1928 Chicago, IL Fred Oppliger
1929 Philadelphia, PA Nicola D'Ascenzo
1930 New York, NY Nicola D'Ascenzo
1931 Detroit, MI Charles J. Connick
1932 None Charles J. Connick
1938-1939 Boston, MA Wilbur H. Burnham


SGAA 50th Anniversary Trip to Europe, on board to France, 1953

Convention Location History 1940 – 1980

Between 1940 and 1980, the organization did not miss a single annual conference and stuck to and made some fairly notable overseas trips together.

A recap of the Summer Conference in the Fall issue of the SGQ that year starts out:

“If it was togetherness you craved, the 1965 SGAA Conference (June 22-25) had it in abundance. Genial hosts Harold and Alma Rams arranged for the El Antonio Hotel to billet all delegates together around its back-patio pool so no one would miss out on any of the fun. The ORCO Studio and Benesco Co.'s hospitality suites occupied central ground floor positions and were open and operating round-the-clock. And the program was planned that most every minute was filled with activity.

"Early arrivals began coming in on Saturday, and a gay crowd (sic) was on hand at the airport to meet President Crosby Willet and family when they arrived Sunday afternoon. Latin-American troubadours, complete with guitars and sombreros provided an appropriate musical welcome to San Antonio, in the heart of Texas…"

Year Convention City President
1940 New York, NY Wilbur H. Burnham
1941 Huntington, WV Wilbur H. Burnham
1942 New York, NY Henry Lee Willet
1943 None Henry Lee Willet
1944 New York, NY Harold W. Cummings
1945 New York, NY Harold W. Cummings
1946 Chicago, IL Harold Rambusch
1947 Yosemite, CA Harold Rambusch
1948 Pittsburgh, PA Orin E. Skinner
1949 Quebec, Canada Orin E. Skinner
1950 Milwaukee, WI Rupert Schmitt
1951 Mexico City, MEX Rupert Schmitt
1952 St. Louis, MO George Hunt
1953 New York City, NY George Hunt
1954 Cincinnati, OH Karl B. Lamb
1955 Miami Beach, FL Karl B. Lamb
1956 Boston, MA Wilbur H. Burnham, Jr.
1957 Sun Valley, ID Wilbur H. Burnham, Jr.
1958 Philadelphia, PA John D. Weaver, Sr.
1959 Los Angeles, CA John D. Weaver, Sr.
1960 Cleveland, OH George D. Spiers
1961 San Juan, PR George D. Spiers
1962 Washington, DC John A. Riordan
1963 Denver, CO John A. Riordan
1964 New York, NY E. Crosby Willet
1965 San Antonio, TX E. Crosby Willet
1966 Oak Brook, IL Otto C. Winterich
1967 Montreal, Canada Otto C. Winterich
1968 San Francisco, CA Stephen Bridges
1969 Ashville, NC Stephen Bridges
1970 St. Louis, MO Harold L. Hollman
1971 Nantucket, MA Harold L. Hollman
1972 Milwaukee, WI A. W. Klemme, Jr.
1973 Savannah, GA A. W. Klemme, Jr.
1974 Columbus, OH James Helf
1975 Lake Tahoe, CA James Helf
1976 Philadelphia, PA Patrick White
1977 Dallas, TX Patrick White
1978 Minneapolis, MN Helen Hickman
1979 Seattle, WA Helen Hickman
1980 Kansas City, MO John Kebrle


SGAA Conference, Puerto Rico, 1961

Convention Location History 1981 – present

Until 2020, the SGAA continued to meet annually with no exceptions until the Summer 2020 conference was cancalled due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic. In that time we have been excited to explore new partnerships and joint conferences.

"Getting together with friends old and new is always refreshing and inspiring. I come away from each conference feeling enriched, having learned something new and always practical, something I can put into use in my everyday business."

—B.J.S, Texas

"Thank you SO much for the scholarship to Ralph Mills’ Restoration class and the Conference! I am so inspired!!! I never thought I would have any use for any of this glass laminating or fusing because “I do traditional work.” I now can’t wait to take glass laminating, painting, fusing, and plating classes! I have so many new ideas and an awakened enthusiasm for the glass arts!

"I am sitting here looking at my name badge smiling ear to ear. It was so nice to meet everyone and make what I hope are lifetime connections. What an amazing group of glass artists! I felt very honored to attend the conference and class.

"Learning about how to use Hextal and how to wire-tie properly in Ralph’s class gave me the confidence to be able to approach a restoration job properly! I read and research things but the interactive class was invaluable! Thanks again!"

—L.E.M., California

Year Convention City President
1981 Boulder, CO John Kebrle
1982 Mackinac Island, MI Bill Laws
1983 Palo Alto, CA Bill Laws
1984 Jekyll Island, GA Gerhard Hiemer
1985 Toronto, Canada Gerhard Hiemer
1986 St. Louis, MO Elizabeth Perry
1987 Corning, NY Elizabeth Perry
1988 Indianapolis, IN Walter Judson
1989 Portland, OR Walter Judson
1990 Albuquerque, NM Florence Welborn
1991 Washington, DC Paul Pickel
1992 Chicago, IL Paul Pickel
1993 Pasadena, CA Truett George
1994 St. Louis, MO Truett George
1995 Pittsburgh, PA Gary Helf
1996 Nashville, TN Gary Helf
1997 Spokane, WA Kirk Weaver
1998 Houston, TX Kirk Weaver
1999 Jacksonville, FL James Whitney
2000 Milwaukee, WI James Whitney
2001 Seattle, WA Dennis Harmon
2002 Nashville, TN Dennis Harmon
2003 St. Augustine, FL Karen Hendrix
2004 Boston, MA Karen Hendrix
2005 Denver, CO Andrew Young
2006 Louisville, KY Andrew Young
2007 Charlotte, NC B. Gunar Gruenke
2008 Oakland, CA B. Gunar Gruenke
2009 Oklahoma City, OK Jack Whitworth III
2010 Kansas City, MO Jack Whitworth III
2011 Syracuse, NY Jerome R. Durr
2012 Kansas City, MO Jerome R. Durr
2013 Indianapolis, IN Susan Shea
2014 Excelsior Springs, MO Susan Shea
2015 Portland, OR Kathy Barnard
2016 Evanston, IL Kathy Barnard
2017 Raleigh, NC David D. Judson
2018 Long Beach, CA David D. Judson
2019 San Antonio, TX David D. Judson
2020 <cancelled due to COVID-19 Global Pandemic>

2021        Virtual Events

2022        Toledo, OH                                                               David D. Judson

2023        Buffalo, NY                                                               Bryant J. Stanton

SGAA Conference, Portland OR, 1989