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The SGAA Accreditation seal spotlights the years of hard work these esteemed members have done to become the absolute best at what they do. Accredited members know they are the standard-bearers of a craft they’ll pass on to others as it was passed on to them. It’s an honor for us to spotlight these exceptional leaders within our community, and an honor for them to be recognized for their work.

There are three classes of accredited professional membership:

  1. Studio: A company that designs, fabricates, repairs and/or restores leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass.
  2. Artist/Designer: Professionals who design and/or paint glass for leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass.
  3. Craft Supplier/Manufacturer: A company that actively distributes and/or manufactures materials and/or products used in leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass craft.


Accredited members


  • Subscription to Stained Glass Quarterly
  • The right to display the Association’s Seal of Accreditation
  • The opportunity to participate in all marketing programs of the Association, including the Call for Bid
  • Priority listing in the Find a Studio section of our website.
  • Listing (alphabetically) in the Sourcebook Directory
  • A membership certificate
  • A written report of General Membership Meetings
  • An invitation to attend General Membership Meetings and Conferences
  • The opportunity to place a full-page or more advertisement in The Sourcebook
  • The opportunity to serve on any committee
  • The opportunity to serve as chairman of any committee
  • The opportunity to be nominated to all elective offices
  • The right to cast two (2) votes on all elections and business matters brought before the voting membership
  • Access to all relevant trade information

Accredited members at work


To be eligible for membership at this level, applicants must:

  • Have been in business for a minimum of four (4) years.
  • Have been an SGAA Member at the Professional Level for at least (2) years.
  • Meet the IRS definition of professional: 70% of their income must be derived from their work in leaded, stained, and/or decorative art glass.
  • Complete a detailed application process that includes references, portfolio review, and site visits.

Accredited members


  • $50 application fee (one-time)
  • $300 studio visit fee (one-time)
  • $550 membership dues (annual)

The membership term is June 1 through May 31 of each calendar year.

For a detailed look at the accreditation process, benefits, and maintenance requirements, access the full application here:

Accredited Professional Membership Application