Joan Schwartz




Instructor: Joan Schwartz


Class time: Session 10

Session 10: 2 day class- Wednesday, September 27th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (with 1 hour lunch break)

AND Thursday, September 28th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (with 1 hour lunch break)



$425 USD


Material fee:

$50 USD



Hyatt: Regency Ballroom B


Class level:

All levels welcome


Class Description:

In this abstract workshop I will share my methods of developing a 10”x12” 2-D relief face by letting the chosen materials speak for themselves. I gather a mixture of different sizes and types of materials, such as stained and Smalti glass, metal and glass beads, buttons, ceramic, wood and any other accessories that speak to me. By the process of elimination and rearranging these tessera like puzzle pieces, these tricks aide in my development of a color palette and some of the design elements from which to assemble a ‘one of kind face.’

Material list for students:
Sketch pad, pens, Sharpies, pencils (colored if wanted), small plastic bag for work space trash, small & large zip lock baggies, ruler, nippers*, wire cutters*, small long nosed pliers*, running pliers*, scissors, tweezers,*glass cutter*, small wire brush*, any special personal glass, jewelry, ceramics, china tessera, large towel to throw away after class, apron, packing tape and wrapping materials for a 10” x 12” piece.


Joan Schwartz

Joan Schwartz: I am an active member of the SAMA, Mosaic Artists of Australia and New Zealand, Mosaic Artists of Michigan and the Detroit Artist Market. I am now teaching mosaics in my studio, and have the wonderful opportunity to teach at Luna Mosaic Arts, in Orlando, FL, after which I will be doing a month long artist in residency program at the Olive Stack Gallery in Listowel, Ireland this coming June.

For the past 15 years mosaics has been my full time passion, seeking out training from top mosaic artists from the US and around the world. My work can be found in private collections and community projects in the US and abroad. I’m extremely proud of being apart of a community project at the “Paddington Train Station” in Australia.

After several years of working in mosaics, I began incorporating handmade pieces, all types of glass, ceramic, beads, wood, metal, and any other material that calls me. I try to think outside the box; each wall relief and 3-D piece consists of attention to details in the design elements, color choices and selection of materials. My goal has been to develop my own unique, recognizable style, which I feel I have finally achieved. Yearning to exchange ideas with fellow artists, only adds to my craving to learn, improve and create. In 2017 I was instrumental in hosting the SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) conference in Detroit, bringing 300 people to our city. At this event we made a 3 panel wall piece which we donated to the new ER at Children’s Hospital in Detroit.