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CANCELLED - Workshop: Site Specific Mosaic; The Business Side Workshop

Instructor: Jennifer Kuhns


Class time: Session 1

Session 1: Friday, September 29th, 8:00AM - 12:00PM 



$230 USD


Material fee:






Class Level: 

All levels welcome


Class Description: 

The class will begin with a description of my own journey from being an arts & crafts hobbyist who sold things sporadically, through building a full-time art business working primarily in mosaic. My personal story will include trials and tribulations, challenges and solutions, and the reasons for various shifts that brought me to this point in my career as a commission-based artist

The second part will cover the nuts & bolts of good business practices. I’ll address pricing, insurance, estimates and invoicing, networking, professionalism, finding clients/projects, etc. We will also discuss some of the psychological and societal challenges faced by artists as we learn to value ourselves and our work, and deal with all different types of clients. We will wrap up with a Q&A session.

Each artist’s journey is unique, and I do not consider myself an expert at business. As a matter of fact, I am a very “right-brained” and the organizational side of business has not come easily. Hopefully, it will be helpful to hear how I’ve managed to get this far despite having a typically scattered artist brain, poor organizational skills, and social anxiety. (I am still wrapping my own head around it.) This will not be a business class persay, and will not include specific guidance for your state’s licensing requirements, contracts or pricing. This is an overview, and I will address some of the questions that come up when approaching these points.

If you are a hobbyist considering whether to launch a serious business, or are actively working on commissions but feeling lost about how to take the next step, this may be a good opportunity for you.

This is an interactive presentation. Links to a PDF with notes and resources will be provided.


Jennifer Kuhns

Jennifer Khuns lives in SW Washington nestled in the Black Hills. Jennifer began creating public art commissions in 2005. Her work is installed throughout the U.S. in locations like the Dallas Fort Worth and Philadelphia Airports, the Prudential Center, and Time Warner Center. She also facilitates participatory mosaic projects where communities create artwork as a group. Jennifer has pursued technical expertise in her medium, and gained a reputation as a skilled craftsperson. She has a contractor’s license and is an award recipient from 2021 Coverings (CID) for “Creativity, Craftsmanship and Technical Knowhow.”

Jennifer’s artistic style is characterized by precision cutting of materials and careful placement resulting in smooth lines and strategic use of texture and reflectivity. Her goal when creating art is to bring life and joy to living spaces, to create works of art that have function and integrity, and to convey a sense of serenity, happiness, and optimism.

Visit Jennifer's website for more at: www.jkmosaic.com