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Workshop: Pattern and Flow in Stained Glass Mosaic Workshop

Instructor: Jennifer Kuhns


Class time: Session 7

Session 7: Thursday, September 28th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (with a 1 hour lunch break)



$310 USD


Material fee:

$58 20 USD



Hyatt: Grand Ballroom G


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Class Description:

Stained glass is a wonderful material for mosaic because it is available in a wide range of rich colors, is very easy to work with, and is often more affordable than traditional mosaic materials. Incorporating sheet glass into mosaic holds immense potential. If you are new to glass, you might be cutting or nipping it into many random pieces, gluing them together in a randomized way we often call “Crazy Paving.” Or, you might be cutting your glass into small squares and lining them up like tiles. And if you come from a leaded glass practice, you may be cutting out patterns, numbering and piecing them back together as if you were soldering, but gluing and grouting instead.

Each of these is perfectly fine, of course. Stained glass and mosaic are both versatile and can be used in whatever way suits you. In this course, I will demonstrate some patterning ideas that combine the traditions of classical mosaic with the unique character of stained glass, resulting in a contemporary approach to mosaic. These approaches can also be used with other materials; especially tile.

These patterning ideas will allow you more control over your designs. Perhaps you are having success with your stained glass mosaic compositions, but getting stuck on background motifs, or finding it hard to advance beyond a “crazy-paving” approach. I will share some of the ways that I give my work a sense of movement, calm or dynamic energy, and how I create graceful flow that draws attention to focal points instead of distracting, leading the viewer’s eye where you want it to.

The lesson will begin with a lecture and sketching, will include a basic lesson in glass scoring for those new to glass. Then we will create examples on small substrates for hands-on practice. These may become completed (ungrouted) projects. Handouts with pattern ideas will be provided, as well as written grouting instructions.

The more design ideas you add to your toolbox, the more you can create mosaic art with intention and proficiency. This workshop will particularly benefit students who are interested in transitioning from other stained glass craft to mosaic and anyone wishing to achieve better control over the flow and energy in their mosaic designs.


Jennifer Kuhns

Jennifer Kuhns lives in SW Washington, nestled in the Black Hills. Jennifer began creating public art commissions in 2005. Her work is installed throughout the U.S. in locations like the Dallas Fort Worth and Philadelphia Airports, the Prudential Center, and Time Warner Center. She also facilitates participatory mosaic projects where communities create artwork as a group. Jennifer has pursued technical expertise in mosaic and gained a reputation as a skilled craftsperson. She has a contractor’s license and is an award recipient from 2021 Coverings (CID) for “Creativity, Craftsmanship and Technical Knowhow.”

Jennifer’s artistic style is characterized by precision cutting of materials and careful placement, resulting in smooth lines and strategic use of texture and reflectivity. Her goal when creating art is to bring life and joy to living spaces, to create works of art that have function and integrity, and to convey a sense of serenity, happiness, and optimism.

Visit Jennifer's website for more at: www.jkmosaic.com