​​​​​Joylnn Forman

Joylnn Forman


Workshop: Painting with Glass: A Unique Way to Mosaic

Instructor: Jolynn Forman


Class time: Session 4

Session 4: Thursday, September 28th, 8:00AM - 12:00PM 



$230 USD


Material fee:

$50 USD



Hyatt: Grand Ballroom E


Class level:



Class Description:

I have been a professional painter for 20+ years but recently started mosaics. I brought to the medium a unique perspective in how to use the colors of the glass to shade and form values that is rarely seen in the mosaic world. This workshop will discuss how to create more lifelike images in glass with color choice and how to use the placement of the glass to infer movement and texture. Students will have the opportunity to create a mosaic of their own in the presented technique and ask questions. I will be walking around and working one-on-one for critiques and help during the project period. This workshop will further your understanding on how color choice and placement of glass change dramatically the look of the final mosaic.



Jolynn has a Bachelors degree in both Studio Arts (1999) and Art Education (2016). Masters Degree in Art Education (2021). Currently teaching at Timpanogos High School in Orem, Utah (2017-current). Professional Artist (25+ years). Currently teaching and creating glass art locally and nationally.


Visit Jolynn's website for more at: www.JolynnForman.com