The Art and Glass in Society Panel at the National Day of Glass discuss the relationship between nature and glass, health and science, and technical advancements.

In May of 2021, the United Nations announced that 2022 would be the International Year of Glass. The United Nations has announced an annual International Year since 1959 to highlight different industries and concepts to promote its ideals. This is the first year in which the U.N. recognized a material with the International Year, as glass plays a vital role in the U.N.’s sustainability goals to combat climate change and its impacts. The opening ceremony for the International Year of Glass was in February was held in the United Nations Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

The National Day of Glass, hosted by The American Ceramic Society from April 5 - 7, 2022, kicked off the North American celebrations for the International Year. The National Day of Glass Conference, held in Washington, D.C., brought together the biggest and brightest minds in glass. This event featured technical programming and talks from the government agencies, scientists, educators, and artists who rely on glass.

Among the lectures was the Art and Glass in Society Panel, featuring:

  • Robert Schaut, Scientific Director for Pharmaceutical Packaging, Corning Incorporated
  • Ashutosh Goel, Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, Rutgers University
  • Natalie Tyler, US Ambassador and Embassy Sponsored Glass Artist
  • Megan McElfresh, Executive Director, Stained Glass Association of America
  • Urmilla Johku-Sowell, National Glass Association, American Society of Testing Materials International, International Standards, & American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers
  • Kathy Jordan, Glass Artist and President of American Glass Guild

This panel discusses how glass impacts society and fulfills critical and cultural needs, glass’s versatility and technical capabilities, and its scientific and industrial advancements.

“It is believed that the world has entered 'the new glass age'. With the phrase the age of glass becoming increasingly popular over the last decade, we have an unprecedented opportunity harness the unique capabilities of glass to solve some of the worlds more urgent challenges, such as more effective health care, cleaner energy and water, and more efficient communication”.

The National Day of Glass full program and speaker recordings are now available to the public for free.