In the coming weeks, I want to share a few brief messages with our SGAA members and our friends and creative colleagues in the SAMA community.

In a world that seems to have grown increasingly isolated and fragile, it is more important than ever that beauty should be abundant and accessible. To make that possible, we need to share information, knowledge, and resources. We need to be a hub between manufacturing and makers in a world where materials are not getting any easier to come by.

Passionate members built our organizations by creating meaningful spaces that are part of the fabric of our communities. We have parallel needs and strengths that are very complimentary. We need time and space to come together and pool our resources so that we can build a collaboration that is even stronger together than we could ever be apart.

There are many parallels between our groups, and I look forward to learning more about how this partnership can advocate and serve our communities moving forward. It may take years to see this vision become a reality. Luckily, we have a network of advisors and legal experts who can answer our questions and help us build the right kind of partnership to address each of our concerns.

We know so far that the potential is enormous, and on behalf of every Board and Staff member in each organization, we’re hoping you’ll be a part of it!

The upcoming joint conference is a significant opportunity to explore this partnership, but there will be other opportunities to get involved soon. Connect with us on social media, on the web, drop us a note, and share your thoughts! We’re building this for you, and we’d love to know your thoughts!

Yours in gratitude,

Earlier this year, the Executive Committees of Stained Glass Association (SGAA) and the Society of American Mosaic Arts (SAMA) made the decision to explore a partnership between the two organizations, with the first phase of this new collaboration resulting in a joint conference for the end of June 2022. The combination of these two organizations promises a future where they not only survive, but thrive.