A group of historians who are scholars in Jewish Art have come together to gather information. They have a stained glass sub-group through the International Survey of Jewish Monuments. They are asking for help to put together a list of stained glass windows existing in Synagogues. It is data collection at this point—trying to figure out where windows exist in Jewish buildings and some basic information about them. It turns out American synagogues are under-represented in stained glass art history.

Stained glass is an essential component of 19th and 20th century American synagogue art and architecture. However, a comprehensive study has never been attempted to identify or catalogue these works of art. The International Survey of Jewish Monuments is embarking on an effort to inventory all past and current stained glass windows/projects. This inventory will provide a crucial background for critical study and analysis, and is essential for the current and future work of conservators, artists and scholars.

The survey can be found at https://bit.ly/ISJM_StainedGlassForm

The survey requests basic information. Please answer as many questions as you can, and be as detailed as your time will allow. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.

We recognize that you or your firm may have your own running list or spreadsheet, which would be simpler to send in your preferred format. In this case, please send your submission to jewishmons@gmail.com.

Further information, beyond the scope of the below survey, is always encouraged and welcomed. Send us links, information, photos or questions at jewishmons@gmail.com.

All contributions will be credited to the individual or studio who submitted it. The survey is being circulated to all manner of scholars, conservators, etc. If you know someone who can help, please share and pass on this information.

A peek at the inside of Temple Beth Zion