2020 has been a highly unusual year, to say the least, and the leadership of the SGAA wanted to dedicate this space to make clear that if you are passionate about stained glass, then there is a place for you among us.

There is a renewed focus on diversity and inclusion all around the country and that is a good thing. There is no organization so perfect that it does not need to purposefully, constantly challenge how it might be building bridges between leadership and everyone who we hope is a part of our organization. 

For a millennium, stained glass has brought us beauty, hope, and inspiration in the best of times, and the worst of times. It is our pleasure to constantly challenge ourselves to build better on that great tradition. 

The Stained Glass Association of American is a 120 year old professional organization whose primary mission is to protect and preserve the field of stained glass. Though stained glass is a centuries-old art form traditionally based on Eurocentric representations, the SGAA recognizes and respects the diversity of today’s stained glass artists, businesses and their workforce; from single person studios to large companies. We stand for equity and accessibility to everyone involved in the profession of stained glass and are inclusive of all those who practice the art regardless of race, creed, or sexuality. 

The core values of the Association include: integrity, commitment, professionalism, community, and the promotion of professional standards. These values have no worth if they are not carried out with equity to all. The board of directors of the SGAA is committed to furthering the values of our organization through:

  • Representing and promoting diverse communities through our publication the Stained Glass Quarterly, the Annual Conference, and our online presence 
  • Providing scholarships and educational opportunities with the intent of broadening our community by:
    • Reaching out to schools of all levels to make them aware of stained glass as an art form and the existence of stained glass fabrication and preservation as a profession 
    • Forming alliances with glass programs (in rural and urban communities) to make them aware of opportunities within SGAA 
  • Creating and maintaining a diverse board (unified in our love of stained glass) that is truly representative of our membership. 

Thank you for your continuing interest in the Stained Glass Association of America. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please reach out to our office.

Yours in glass,
The Stained Glass Association of America
Board of Directors and Executive Office