Be Safe - it applies to Everyone.

When the Bay Area shelter-in-place order was announced in mid-March as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic; Nzilani Glass Conservation immediately started thinking about how to safely continue employing their core staff while keeping people safe in the Bay Area and Beyond.

Nzilani leads the stained glass industry in best practices for employee protection - so temporarily pivoting to making cloth masks seemed logical. From the beginning, the focus was on getting masks to those who need them. For every mask sold, one is donated.

The masks go directly to organizations in the East Bay who serve underrepresented populations who may be choosing between buying a mask or getting food. To sustain production, the project relies on purchases and donations. 

Even as the stay-at-home restrictions are lifting allowing the team to get back to stained glass conservation in the studio, the need for masks for the general population is, unfortunately, going to continue. If there is still a need for masks when the core team returns to 100% stained glass conservation, Nzilani will hire additional staff to continue production - boosting the local economy by creating more jobs.

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Be Safe. Have Fun. Do Excellent Deeds.

Wear a Mask.

- your friends at the Nzilani Mask Project.