Head, Steven Cowan


Head, Steven Cowan



Workshop: Multi-layer Single Firing Glass Painting

Instructor: Steven Cowan


Class time: Session 23

Session 23: 2 day class - Wednesday, September 27th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (with 1 hour lunch break)

AND Thursday, September 28th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (with 1 hour lunch break)



$425 USD


Material fee:

$25 USD



Trinity: Library - transportation included


Class level:



Class Description:

The goal of the workshop is to introduce the student to the concept of multi-layer glass painting (utilized during the Victorian heyday) to help achieve smooth transitions of tone and give added depth to painting in any one firing

The students will gain from my 20+ years experience as a glass a painter, where I have used this technique in the production of new windows and in the restoration/repair of damaged windows

The students will learn the paint mix required, and how to use this paint mix to add further depth to their painted glass pieces by applying a number of layers of glass paint at a single time/firing segment.

During the workshop the students will first practice the technique, then use the technique on set projects that will include drapery and flesh painting.

I will initially demonstrate the technique and then set the students to practice what I have demonstrated. I will then be on hand to guide the students one-on-one or as a group as the course and students dictate.

The majority of the course will be hands-on time for the students practicing and developing the multi-layering technique

The students should leave with at least 2 finished/fired samples.

I will provide as many demonstrations as the students want to see, be that to the whole group or individually. But the main objective is to give the students as much time as possible to practice this new skill.

Questions will be taken at any appropriate point during the workshop.

It is assumed that there will be access to a kiln during the workshop.

Students will be expected to have all usual glass painting equipment; tracing brushes, flooding brushes, badger brush, bridge, scrubs, needles, sticks.

I will provide each student with a 2 inch hake brush which will be theirs to keep after the workshop, glass paint, gum Arabic and float glass. I will also have some of the above, listed as expected, as spares.

This session should particularly benefit those who have a relatively good understanding of glass painting and who want to develop their technique and understanding of how glass was painted by some of the past masters. It can help increase productivity and make for a more economical glass painting process.


Steven Cowan

Steven Cowan left university in 2000 with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. But, having always had a love and a flair for stained glass through his father, took on a position assisting him in the painting department at John Hardman & Co. During eight years at John Hardman & Co. Steven was able to learn all aspects of stained glass and master the traditional skills used in creating new windows and preserving and restoring existing windows.

Steven formed Master Glass Artists Ltd. in 2009 and since then has produced new stained glass windows for numerous churches and buildings around the world, as well as working with other studios to provide glass painting expertise. He has run glass painting workshops for both the SGAA and AGG, and given lectures on the subject.

Visit Steven's website for more: www.masterglassartists.co.uk