Cheryl Cohen

Cheryl Cohen

Workshop: Mixed Media Succulent Garden

Instructor: Cheryl Cohen


Class time: Session 16

Session 16: Thursday, September 28th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (with 1 hour lunch break)



$275 USD


Material fee:

$25 USD



Hyatt: Executive Room


Class level:

All levels welcome


Class Description:

Want to learn to make beautiful succulent-looking plants from crockery?

In this multi-media, 3D mosaics class, you will learn to cut plates in different shapes to create three types of succulents. This will include how to adjust for plates of different thicknesses and how to assemble them using adhesive putty.

Throughout the day, demonstrations will be provided on how to create 9 different type of succulents using pottery, china, rocks and putty.

Your first hands-on project will be the creation of a succulent made out of china. Your next four succulent creations will be using materials of your choice.

Once your succulents are made, there will be a demonstration of how to preserve the wood/natural materials needed to complete your wall hanging or floral pot arrangement at home.
Your succulents will dry overnight. As part of the supply fee, you are welcome to choose some moss/acorns/pinecones from my stash to complete your project at home.

This class will be 75% hands on and 25% demonstration and PowerPoint presentation.
As part of the PowerPoint, you will see the many ways succulents can be used in addition to what will be demonstrated in class. Succulents can be added to frames, plant pots, abstracts, windows and more!

This session will especially benefit those who enjoy creating 3D pieces, want to learn about how to incorporate natural materials, and those who want to see crockery in a totally new way.

If you have wheeled nippers, please bring wheeled nippers to the workshop and please bring your wheeled cutters, and goggles. I’ll have crockery for you to choose from, however, feel free to bring sentimental china, ceramic plates or pottery from home. White or patterned both work well.

Come join us to reinvent and upcycle crockery in a fun, interactive, and informative new way! All levels welcome!


Cheryl Cohen

Cheryl Cohen is a mixed media mosaic artist who creates succulent flowers, plants, and forest floor landscapes in both representative and abstract forms, using plate shards, stained glass, stones, slate, moss, natural and upcycled materials.

Cheryl was initially educated and employed as an occupational therapist with a passion for art. Then, in 2010 she opened Cheryl Cohen Mosaics Art Center, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to teach art classes in her own studio. Over the years, her studio has grown to teaching 2000 students per year, with tens of thousands of items in inventory for incorporation into my and student art pieces.

Cheryl’s inspiration is the natural world. She loves seeing the sheen of water and the mica in rocks, seeing reflections in puddles, and how flowers appear in unexpected places and strives to have these moments depicted in her work.