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Workshop: Mirroring & Gilding: The History & Hands-on Exploration Of The Application

Instructor: Alexandra Gomez Sarah King

Due to Unforeseen circumstances, Alexandra Gomez will not be able to travel to Buffalo to teach this course.  Fortunately, Sarah King, Founder and Owner of Angel Gilding will be stepping in to teach this course.  For More information about Sarah and Angel gilding, visit this page on their website: There will be no change to the course or the schedule.  Thank you for your understanding.


Class time: 5B 

Session 5B: Thursday, September 28th, 1:00PM - 5:00PM



$230 USD


Material fee:

$90 USD



Hyatt: Boardroom


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Class Description:

This course is discussion along with hands-on teaching. We will give an overview of the history of mirrors and gilding, their practical applications and trends that we are seeing today. We will discuss processes to ensure environmentally friendly practices and safety in the process. The instructor will demonstrate start to finish the process of creating a mirror on glass then guide students through the process themselves. We will also explore ways to modify a mirror with antiquing products, etching, scalloping and the freehand technique. We will discuss the range of other metals used and create a Galena Mirror in blown glass. Students will create multiple sample pieces to take home.

1. Students will work on individual pieces while sharing some equipment and chemicals.
2. Each student will make at least 3 pieces- including silver mirror, antique mirror and/or a Galena Mirror
3. Angel Gilding will supply all of the tools and the materials needed to complete all projects. Students are welcome to bring in their own glass (up to 1 sq. ft recommended size) to work on, but glass will also be provided.

Alix Gomez

Alexandra Gomez is part of Angel Gilding, an online business based outside of Chicago, Illinois. Alexandra has been part of the company since 2014 and is the creator of the instructional videos for the company along with the head of Customer Support. Angel Gilding is a small, family business that is committed to sharing the tools and techniques to modify mirrors. Its origins date back to restoration of historic Chicago Bungalow stained glass windows. Company website: