Meggy Wilm



Workshop: Mastering the Art of Perfect Soldering Lines (Copper Foil Method)

Instructor: Meggy Wilm


Class time: Session 12B 

Thursday, September 28th, 3:00PM - 5:00PM 



$190 USD


Material fee:

$115 USD



Hyatt: Grand Ballroom E


Class level:

All levels welcome 


Class Description:

Are you tired of struggling with rippled or uneven soldering lines in your stained glass projects? Join Meggy from Colorado Glass Works in learning how to make your soldering lines look perfect every time! In this 2 hour course, we will focus on improving your soldering skills through the completion of a pre-made copper foil project. The goal of this workshop is to help you achieve perfect soldering lines every time you work on your own stained glass projects. Meggy will cover a variety of information and techniques, as well as provide real-time tips and tricks to help you improve your skills as you solder your project.

Attendees of this workshop will learn how to achieve beautiful and professional-looking soldering lines, as well as how to use instructor-recommended tools and materials. By the end of the session, attendees will have fully completed a copper foil project plus gained the skills and knowledge to apply these techniques to their future projects. Throughout the workshop, Meggy will work with the group through a combination of lecture and hands-on practice. There will also be opportunities for Q&A to address any questions.

All tools and materials, such as flux, soldering irons, lead solder, etc., will be provided as part of the materials fee. Material fee is $175 USD per student. Tools used for class will be the following: Pre-fabricated glass project, Hakko FX-601 soldering iron/iron stand rental & transportation, 1 spool of Canfield 60/40 lead solder (remaining spool to be given to students to take home), 1 bottle of 100 Gel Flux for class to share, 1 bottle of Kwick-Clean class use, 1 bottle of Clarity wax class use, 1 spool of string for projects, 1 bag of pre-made jump rings, additional tools/supplies may be needed and/or added by instructor at a later time - material cost will not change.

This session should particularly benefit those who are looking to improve their soldering skills on copper foil projects, as well as those who want to learn more about stained glass techniques and picking the right tools and materials to achieve professional-looking results. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced stained glass artist, this course has something to offer for everyone.

Meggy Wilm

Meggy is the owner of Colorado Glass Works, a stained glass studio located in Boulder, Colorado, and is one of the most followed stained glass artists in the world on social media. She has taught at a variety of classes, at her studio and, more recently, at Google's headquarters, teaching soldering specific classes. She has been creating stained art glass for the last six years and has a deep passion for all things nature and glass related.