Elena Martoglio

Elena Martoglio


Workshop: Mantra Mosaic - Creative Visualization & Crash Glass Art

Instructor: Elena Martoglio


Class time: Session 3

Session 3: Thursday, September 28th, 8:00AM - 11:00AM 



$150 USD


Material fee:

$30 USD



Hyatt: Grand Ballroom F


Class level:

All levels welcome


Class Description:

This Mantra Mosaic workshop combines meditative visualization practices with a tool-free method to create a beautiful glass collage.

The workshop will begin with concise instructions and a demonstration of the technique. Elena will then guide you through a visualization that will result in obtaining a word, phrase or colourful imagery to be used for your art piece. All participants will play with a collection of Japanese paper prints, magazine cut outs, and paints to adhere a colourful collage under layer. We will then apply clear glass and accent tiles over top. You will leave with a grouting kit to complete at your own time.

This session should particularly benefit those who have an interest in expressive arts therapy; combining mosaic art as a therapeutic practice, and working with different populations. Participants will leave with an extra bag of crash glass pieces to continue your practice right away, and a step by step written visualization to guide others.

Each participant will receive - one 6" x 6" wood framed substrate, a small bottle of glue, scissors, paint and paintbrush (for workshop use only), a selection of Japanese papers, decorative paper prints, magazine cut outs, a section of decorative accent tiles, tempered glass, a bag of grout, box.


Elena Martoglio

Maria-Elena Martoglio is a mixed media mosaic artist from Ontario, Canada.
She began her journey in mosaic art upon graduating as an Expressive Arts Therapist from the CREATE Institute in Toronto. Her love for ceramics and glass magnified once she developed the skills of cutting and shaping these solid materials.

Through her past experience working as an alternative body healer, Elena has enriched her teaching experience leading several community art projects throughout Ontario.

In 2019 she was awarded by the Culture Days committee in Ontario for " Outstanding Participatory Program" leading a canoe painting project.

Elena believes art is medicine. It holds the key to enriching and strengthening communities worldwide.