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Illuminating Stained Glass and Other Works of Art


Saturday, September 30, 2023
10:25 AM
Hyatt: Regency Ballroom A


The challenges of illuminating leaded, colored, painted, stained and etched glass are complex and often difficult to resolve. The same is true of other vertically configured art, be it sculpture, painting and or mosaic to name a few other mediums. We will follow a basic waterfall of questions to address the end user, budget, existing conditions, the capability of the team and building condition. We hope to send you on your way with a toolbox of techniques that will help you better understand your own set of project challenges, and how you might be able to create a more successful illumination system.


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Laurie Wells, Old World Stone - credit_Mark F Heffron

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Mary Clerkin Higgins on Restoration Panel, San Antonio 2019 - Photo Credit: Kyle J. Mickelson

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