Wesley Wong


Wesley Wong


Workshop: Fused Glass Mosaics with Display Stands

Instructor: Wesley Wong


Class time: Session 17B 

Session 17B: Friday, September 29th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM (with 1 hour lunch break)



$310 USD


Material fee:

$50 USD



Villa Maria College Glass Shop - transportation included


Class level:



Class Description:

This one day hands-on course should benefit stained glass artists and mosaic artists who would like to expand their glass skills by combining the techniques of mosaics with fused glass to produce a unique work of art. Students will be provided with a variety of patterns to choose from and shown several ways to cut the glass into small tesserae or glass tiles. Some elements of the design can be elevated for added dimension. We will cover the andamento or visual flow and placement of the tesserae to complement your design. Students will create a 6”x6” fused mosaic that can be used as a glass tile or incorporated into a larger project. We will demonstrate how to expand on this technique to produce a double-sided fused glass mosaic with lots of depth. We will cover some basic fusing concepts and techniques including glass compatibility, types of kilns, and firing schedules. We will discuss several types of display stands including wooden stands (with and without lights), and how to make one out of fusible glass. Glass cutting skills are highly recommended for this class.

Students Must Bring: Glass cutter, breaking pliers, scissors, wheeled nipper, tweezers, safety glasses, dust mask, and pencil.

Materials provided in the materials fee include: Handouts, fusible glass and powders, fiber paper, ThinFire, a glass display stand and other supplies to complete the project. Also included is an overnight firing of the projects in a kiln.

Wesley Wong

Wesley Wong is an award-winning artist who designs and produces custom glass art from his studio in San Jose, California. His passion for glass started in 1981 with stained glass, which eventually lead him into mosaics and fused glass. His work features lots of bright colors and intricate patterns and has been exhibited in many juried glass and mosaic shows throughout the United States. Wesley retired from a career in software engineering in 2014 to continue his adventures in glass art. Wesley enjoys creating new techniques and sharing his glass knowledge with other artists. He has taught glass workshops around the country and internationally for the past eight years. Wesley teaches annually at the Glass Craft & Bead Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been a regular contributor to the Glass Patterns Quarterly magazine since 2013.