Brookside 4 Irina, John Sollinger




Workshop: Fluid Double Reverse or Flippin' before Stickin'

Instructor: John Sollinger


Class time: Session 13

Session 13: Thursday, September 28th, 1:00PM - 3:00PM 



$150 USD


Material fee:

$0 USD



Hyatt: Grand Ballroom F


Class level:

All levels welcome


Class Description:

Join Solly to learn about his fluid double reverse (FDR) method, which may allow you to work more cleanly and quickly and, more importantly, to play more before committing with adhesive. Attendees will watch a short slideshow, watch Solly demonstrate the FDR method, and then practice the flipping themselves. A pdf file that outlines the FDR method and materials needed in detail will be provided.

This session should particularly benefit those who work with stained glass or smalti and are looking for an alternative to direct and indirect methods of mosaicking. Regardless of whether attendees have never mosaicked or have done so for decades, this seminar will teach you an alternative way to mosaick. No asked question will remain unanswered.



Solly trained as a forester and plant geneticist but turned his love of discoreing nature's secrets to expressing his awe of nature and. fear of its imminent demise. He developed his methods in isolation, having no formal or informal art training, and has fine-tuned them over the years through production of his own works as well as participants in his workshops across the US and overseas. His mosaics, which were made using his fluid double reverse method, have received numerous awards