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3001 North Thanksgiving Way

Tom Holdman’s journey into the visual arts began in his childhood. As a severe stutterer, he found it easier to communicate through his art. His first experience with art glass was in high school with an art teacher who could see Toms potential. At the age of 21, he opened a stained glass studio out of his parent’s garage and found patrons by going door to door. Using these earnings, he traveled to Europe to study the masterpieces in stained glass as well as other art forms. On his return, he committed himself to create monumental works of art to touch the lives of millions. Some 27 years later, he is doing just that. He owns and operates Holdman Studios, Inc. located at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. His works of art are appreciated worldwide and represent many different techniques in glass. Holdman Studios provides an opportunity where thousands have come to explore the visual arts through tours, classes and workshops. The experience fulfills Tom’s dream of sharing the miracle of communication through art by teaching others that they can do the same.


While most of our work is new, we also do restoration work.  We specialize in stained glass, sandblasting, blown glass, and fused glass.


Our art glass is installed worldwide.  Some of the places we have worked include, but are not limited to: Utah, Arizona, New York, Texas, France, Italy, Portugal, Ghana, Australia, Mexico, Brazil.